Egret Brewery is a craft brewery where bartenders
and brewers create various happy moments in life based
on their own experiences.
We aim to create a variety of beers to suit various happy occasions,
which can only be done by those of us who have witnessed
many lives through having drinks,
such as "enjoying with many friends," "spending time with loved ones,"
and "enjoying once-in-a-lifetime encounters."
We are particular about ingredients, production methods, people,
and places. We will deliver delicious craft beer and moments of
happiness from Himeji to our customers from all over the world with
free and open ideas to create


In July 2022, Egret Brewery is established as its first
craft beer brewery in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture,
where the World Heritage Site "Himeji Castle" is located.
Owner Ikeuchi (bartender),
brewmaster Iriyama (brewer), and their friends will
deliver craft beer andhappiness from Himeji to the world.

Something that can only be done when the bartender,
who has served a variety of drinks from all over the world to customers, and the brewer share the same dream,
that is, brewing beer that fits perfctly through imagining the people having drinks and its scene.

  • Egret IPA - Pairing -

    "Returning to one's origins"
    Looking back to the origin in each of one's life.
    There must be such a moment in everyone's life.
    It is the starting point of our life, and it is at the same time
    the place where we would like to return someday.
    Egret Brewery's flagship beer. The bitterness of the hops and
    the fruity aroma create a depth of flavor in this American IPA,
    and you will be captivated by its exquisite balance. It is a beer
    that you can enjoy pairing with food.

  • White Harmony - After Dinner -

    When you need a break from the hectic pace of everyday life and
    want a smooth relaxing time spent in a comfortable space.

    Enjoy the rich and juicy taste of sweetness, bitterness, and acidity,
    all of which blend together to create a unique harmony.
    A perfect drink for chill-out.

  • Magic Hour - Appetizer -

    A "once in a lifetime encounter" between people.
    The joy of sharing the pleasures of life with people you meet for
    the first time and with your regular friends

    Enjoy the fresh and light flavor of the beer while sensing a newly
    harvested citrus.
    The moment when the sunrise or sunset looks more magical.
    This beer is inspired by the "magic hour."
    Perfect for appetizers.

  • Rainbow Shot - With everyone -

    Gradually gets you going with the right kind of excitement,

    The light acidity and fruity aroma of the seven ingredients
    give you the new fascination of the beer.
    Let's get together with your friends and enjoy the party scene
    with this beer!


he Tap Room, located next to the brewery,
is the place to experience the personality of Egret Brewery at its best.
In addition to Egret Brewery's craft beers, bartender Ikeuchi offers a wide variety of drinks and snacks.
There is also an outdoor space where you can enjoy fresh beer and BBQ (reservation required). Please stop by and experience the world of
Egret Brewery. If you bring your own growler, craft beer can be sold by weight.

396 Tomahabuchi, Himeji, Hyogo
TEL: 079-241-6786
Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holidays  15:00-20:00(L.O)
Parking: parking spaces attached (5 cars)
Access: 6-minute walk from JR Eigaho Station


Fresh craft beer sold by weight!
We sell by the keg for large groups.

Please bring your own growler. We sell by the milliliter.(We also have original growlers!)
We also sell by the barrel.
If you want to purchase by the keg, we have a special tap for rent as well,
so you can enjoy fresh craft beer at home, parties, camping, and outdoors!

Goods are available for sale

  • BBQ Plan (@Egret Brewery)

    ¥4,400〜 (space rental )

  • Supporter purchase (half year/yearly)


  • Beer Brewing Experience

    ¥110,000 (350ml can or 10L barrel)

  • Original Beer Brewing (OEM)

    ¥396,000 (350ml can abt.600 bottles)

※The prices include consumption tax.
For details and inquiries about our services, please visit our online store.


Company store

Bar & Restaurant Vermillion

84 Shinobicho, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0917

open Mon, Tue(open on national holidays and days before holidays) 18:00〜2:00(L.O)

Contracted stores

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